ABOUT THE HOTELArlen Beach is a small family apart-hotel -4 one-room and 6 two-room apartments

Arlen Beach Hotel Renovated in 2013 and partly in 2015

Some of the reasons you should choose Arlen Beach Hotel:

Comparison of prices

If you try to compare prices, you soon will be lost. There are several very cheap hotels and some very expensive ones. The only limit seems to be your budget!

But there are some more factors to count in.

Let us give you our aspect.

If you really want to explore the region, experiencing every day something different, dont choose an all-inclusive solution. Don't stay away from the centre or from the sea.

Even if you can't afford to pay a lot, don't choose a small and extremely cheap apartment! Because if you can't stay in your room for a few hours to rest, to cook or to enjoy your tea or coffee, you will finally find yourself paying a lot more than you were budgeting.

Try to get a room or a big apartment next to the sea, next to the centre, clean, cosy and friendly.

Arlen Beach is such a hotel, but not the only one. We like to think that it is one among the best.

10 questions call for positive answers

If you are looking for an appropriate for you room or apartment, there is no meaning of course to pose questions such as " is your hotel clean?" or "is it noisy?" or "how about the service?"

Asking for the price comes next. Because only when you get those answers you will be capable to get a clue for the "Value for Money" factor.

Arlen Beach Hotel answers "definitely yes" to all of the above. And, if you trust us, yes, our hotel is clean, very quiet and we will do our best to serve you well!

Arlen Beach Hotel or Arlen Bridge Hotel?

As a matter of fact, you can play almost every board game at the cafe or at the swimming pool

Chess, tichu, bridge, yahtzee, go, backgammon, uno and many more. Bridge is especially our favorite, since the owners are experienced players. Decks, bidding boxes and everything else needed is there for you and for your company.